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“What I am is all that I create but what I create is not all that I am”


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She who had wondered ever since.

She who occasionally likes to mention herself in third person.

A creator who carries her being both through and in several art disciplines. Yet dance, a reality translated into movement, is her most prominent platform. She finds a warming necessity in combining all that favours the message when creating her works. Next to dance photography is a platform she uses heavily as well. Being a visually oriented creator she finds validity in different ways of seeing.

An alumni (2021) of Codarts, the Bachelor of Performing Arts. Currently employed as a dancer at Club Guy&Roni.

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“When there is nowhere to go you’ll find yourself walking the same path for many different reasons.”


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Into the deep

I like to see myself rather as a creating individual. Be that as it may I am a creating individual who uses dance as her main medium. It has positioned itself as a backbone for what I do. Dancing is something I both severely enjoy and value. That is why it is heavily present in what I produce even when I love to work through other art forms as well. For me every art form caries it’s own perspective and process, which are applicable to many aspects in my life. At the hand of dance I learned to speak without speech, I learned to express and to convey emotion through a medium that goes beyond the linguistics. I want to develop my own signature that loudly whispers my name through every move. To grow into my own brand as a dancer, as a creator, as a human being, who is who she is.

My photography

Over the past few years I have developed and strengthened my photography next to dance. It started as a way of documenting what I saw because I thought it deserved to remain even after the passing the actual moment. As I progressed I found a recurring interest for people, faces on camera so I focussed more on portraits. My photographic oeuvre mainly consists of traditional portraits, fine art portraits and candid portraiture. I photograph in black and white because of a certain simplicity it carries. No matter how or what it is black and white. It unapologetically states itself as a fact. With B&W I find that it beautifully translates the characteristics of any texture and especially with our skin. It finds endless, sometimes almost invisible, nuances.

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